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Combien d'employés votre organisation compte-t-elle?

Le nombre d'employés avec des trouble de santé mentale.


jours perdus par an en raison du stress, de la dépression et de l'anxiété liés au travail.


Le coût annuel de la mauvaise santé mentale au travail pour votre organisation

Choose how and where to meet, based on your lifestyle


Receive personalized care options

Review recommendations tailored to each member’s symptoms, severity, and lifestyle.


Book real-time appointments

Schedule appointments online and choose to meet in-person or via live video.


Learn and practice new real-life skills

Develop new coping skills from your provider and through proven digital lessons and exercises.


Track and measure progress

Complete ongoing clinical assessments to understand how treatment and recovery progress.

Reports and indicators

Improve the sense of belonging of your teams

End-to-end, fully customized mental wellness and health solution

  • We help you identify the real needs of your teams.
  • We offer collective workshops on the identified themes.
  • You follow the impact of Tyma on the well-being of your employees.
  • We help you manage emergency situations.

Support your teams

The business world is going through a phase of profound change accelerated by the pandemic. Prevention and protection against psychosocial risks for employees is a priority.

A mobile application for your employees

  • With

    Questionnaires to allow you to better understand your well-being situation and to know its evolution.

  • Personalized advice

    Access resources tailored to your needs for your personal and professional development.

  • Support by therapists

    Immediate help for mental health problems by our qualified psychologists, psychotherapists and coaches.

I want to offer a scalable mental health solution to my employees

Tyme health is offered to every one of your employees and requires almost no input from managers or HR.

Tyma health can be rolled out within 24 hours. Your employees can have their first 1:1 session within 12 hrs. This is mental health at scale.

I want to reduce stress and burnout out at my company

Tyma health's psychologists and counselors help employees deal effectively with stress in the moment and find skills to manage it in the future.

I want to increase employee productivity

Happy and healthy employees are productive employees.

Mental health problems cause significant productivity losses, especially in the form of presenteeism.

I want to attract top talent

Employees expect support from employers, including mental health benefits. Tyma health makes you a highly attractive employer. Get a competitve edge in an increasingly difficult hiring landscape.

Frequently asked questions

With the Tyma companion app, you have access to personalized programs, content, videos, exercises and free chat and video call support with coaches and psychologists at any time.
As soon as your organization joins the Tyma program, you are given anonymous and confidential access to the application with all the services.
Share the information with your management or send us the contact of the HR department of your organization and we take care of everything to offer you this service free of charge for you and your family.
You have anonymous access if you want, this allows you to use the services in complete confidentiality


Tyma health complies with GDPR/DSGVO regulations. All user data is protected by advanced encrypting algorithms.


Tyma health is SSL-certified and operates exclusively via SSL-encrypted connections to ensure maximum data security.

Data protection

All data will be stored securely with the highest industry standards.

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