Tyma Health

For therapists

Together, let's allow everyone to take care of their mental health

Our platform provides employees with clinically supported digital tools to proactively improve mental wellbeing.

Strong support for the therapist in the care of the patient

Before therapy

Access the patient's profile (wellness report, preferences, objectives) allowing better contact

During therapy

Accompany the patient in the use of digital resources, created by the therapist or by his peers, in addition to speaking sessions

After therapy

Sharing and receiving feedback from the community of experts, advice on improving research and therapeutic protocols

An application for better support

What sets our mental health careers apart


Flexibility to practice when and where it’s best for you Choose from full-time employment or supplement your current caseload with part-time opportunities


Engaging technology platform Clients are matched with provider’s specialties Data-driven approach that puts clients first


Develop new coping skills from your provider and through proven digital lessons and exercises.


Your voice is valued from day one Bring your training, expertise, and experiences to your role

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