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workplace well-being program, designed by professionals and with an actual implementation among employees, is the best tool to take care of the people who make the mission of the organizations they work for possible every day. 

Companies that want to make a difference are transforming their vision of the importance of employees’ psychological well-being. Awareness of employee needs is improving employee quality of life and production strategies. 

Do you want to increase your company’s performance, are you concerned about the working environment of your employees, or do you need to improve your social benefits strategy? At ifeel, we can provide you with the right tools through our workplace health and well-being program to respond to these objectives simply, comfortably, and professionally. 

In addition to the economic salary, a valuable way to take care of your employees is to offer them the tools to take care of their well-being without moving from home through their computer or cell phone. This way, they will perceive the company as an emotionally safe place

Companies that value their employees the most strive to improve the emotional rewards they offer them. Supporting employees through their life transitions, for example, when it comes to parenthood, is critical to their well-being. Still, companies must go further to make life, and therefore work, easier for them. 

Thanks to the evolution of IT and AI tools, more and more organizations can place their employees’ psychological well-being at the heart of their production strategy as a result of implementing a workplace well-being program.  

In ifeel, we have a team made up of hundreds of psychologists specialized in different models, able to work in various languages, and located in different countries. This allows us to offer the necessary support, whatever the reason for the patient’s query, thus facilitating the success of our partner companies

Have you ever thought about how much it can increase their commitment and motivation at work? With ifeel’s workplace well-being program, our psychologists can provide your employees with highly specialized care daily. In addition, HR managers receive data-driven advice on critical aspects of the well-being of the teams they are responsible for. 

Why have a workplace health and well-being program?

As stated in a report by Mind Charity, “1 in 6 workers is dealing with a mental health problem such as anxiety, depression, or stress”. This is a worrying statistic as it is likely that people who suffer from mental health problems at work also do outside the workplace. Therefore, it is crucial to support these employees in their emotional well-being through a workplace well-being program as it will also affect their overall performance. “If you take proactive steps to create a more open and supportive culture, overtime staff should begin to feel more confident to talk to managers about their mental health”. 

According to the Mental Health Foundation, “12.7% of all sickness absence days in the UK can be attributed to mental health conditions”. Having a preventative approach is a key factor when tackling mental health issues in the workplace. If organizations can prevent problems from arriving in the first place, they can save a large number of costs which go hand in hand with mental health sick leave

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